Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Scentsy

Hey everyone!

I got the pleasure from Scentsy consultant, Brittany Walloga, to do a review of Scentsy. I have never tried any Scentsy products, I've always been skeptical on buying the whole set up then it not living up to it's word or my husband (who is SUPER picky not liking it).

I was so wrong!

Her catalog, business card and cute personal card!
I received the box and I knew exactly what it was, not just cause it said it on the box- but because it smelt amazing. That was with everything in the UPS box secured with taped and wrapped up completely. Yes, it's that good.

I opened it and fell in love. She had it all wrapped in the cutest Scentsy wrapping with glitter. I was like a kid on Christmas. 
I didn't know what to open first! So I opened my cute cute bag so I could smell all the different scents and samples! She even sent me a note so I knew all the names to the samples!

I know my husband is SO picky with scents... So I chose something I thought he might like- Jellybean.

I wasn't quite sure how everything worked. It was so easy. If you know me, I'm OBSESSED with Fleur de Lis. She sent me the beautiful Chateau warmer. It is so pretty.

Pretty isn't it?
I decided on the Jellybean. So I took one square, put it on the top and waited.
It took only 15 minutes or less and it was completely melted.

My entire house went from smelling like a 4 year old and a 3 month old to smelling like a delicious Jellybean.
The kicker is when my husband came home he didn't see the warmer, but he said, "Wow, it smells good in here." Some of you reading this know my husband. He NEVER says that about anything. This is coming from the man that loathes Bath and Body Works and has told me "NO MORE CANDLES IN THE HOUSE!!"

Yes, he loves my warmer and all the scents. That right there is miracle.

So Samples R Us gives Scentsy with Brittany Walloga an A++

If you would like to join the party and buy/experience Scentsy for yourself go here and on the right it says "Anna Ellis's Party" click there and go to town!
Thanks for reading my review. :)

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