Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fashion to Figure Review!

Hey everyone! I got the pleasure to review Fashion to Figure's online store. It's for us beautiful bigger sized women!

Let me start off by saying, shopping is one thing I dread doing. When I went to their website I was so excited to not see xx-small. How depressing is that when you're a 1X+?

Their selection, in my opinion, is better then Lane Bryant. Cheaper at that! Also, with better customer service. They get back to you so quick and are so polite! Kudos for amazing customer service!!

I chose this beautiful shirt to review:

It hugs in the right places and flows in the right places. The PERFECT SHIRT. I bought it HERE.
They shipped it SO quick! No having to wait!

I also love that you can choose different colors for your undershirt or leave it as is.

I highly recommend for all your clothing needs!

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