Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are you a fellow blogger? Wanna make some extra cash?

Hey there! I'd love to share with you a few affiliates that I work with to make cash every month.

INFOstables and Escalate:
INFOstables is my favorite. All you do is post their giveaways... for each person who enters, you get $1. If you post their giveaways 5 times a day you are guarenteed to make a nice amount of money!
This is my screen shot for the day and I only posted twice.
Escalate is the exact same thing, but you also get paid if your fans print coupons!

Here is the link to INFOstables.
Here is the link to Escalate.

You can join the INFOstables group and all the workers and the CEO will answer any questions you have!

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