Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gutzy Gear Review, Party & Giveaway!!

This is just in time for Back to School! You gotta buy all the school supplies, backpack... but what actually shows their own personalities? Not pencils that's for sure.

I had the pleasure to review Gutzy Gear & Host a Gutzy Gear Back to School party!

He said, "Isn't it awesome Mom??"
I thought Gutzy gear was just shoulder straps for your backpack. I was so wrong. Not only are they so cushioned it takes the load off your kids shoulders, it also shows your kid's personality. What he/she likes.

Baby not included. :)
Gutzy Gear isn't just for backpacks though. They can also be used on luggage or anything with a strap.  I personally put one of his personalized ones on his seat belt! He keeps telling me, "Mom, this feels so much better!"

There are so many different Gutzy patches and more keep coming out all the time! I love how collectible they are! I love the frog and my son's favorite is the "My Dog Ate My Homework" gutzy patch. My son's friends said their favorite are the green dragon, the drummer, the rainbow and the football.


A set of straps comes with 2 mystery Gutzy patches and retails for $9.99 and additional patches are sold in sets of 2 and retail for $5. You can purchase Gutzy Gear products at Kmart, Gutzy Gear, Walmart, Toys R Us and more. To find a Gutzy Gear retailer near you click HERE.

One of his friend's new Gutzy Geared out backpack!

Gutzy Gear was kind enough to let me do an AWESOME giveaway to MY Fans!!
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*I was given Gutzy gear to review. ALL my opinions about Gutzy Gear are positive & honest.*