Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Waterstone Salon

So I'm so excited to let you in on Austin's, in my opinion, best salon. By far! This is my first experience at Waterstone Salon and it will NOT be my last. 

First, I'd like to tell you that in Austin, parking is a wreck. Anywhere downtown to park is expensive and you worry about your vehicle. The salon has a FREE & SAFE parking. I wasn't worried even in the slightest bit. Complete win.

When you walk in you notice how absolutely beautiful and inviting it is. I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door by the lovely owner and asked if I'd like a drink. I've never gotten this kind of service with a smile at any salon, ever.

Also... what other salon offers BABY SITTING? Yes, I said it. You are able to get your hair done or get waxed without having to find a baby sitter.

My hair stylist was quick to greet me as well. He was a super nice guy and an even better hair stylist. We will get to that though. When I walked in, I knew I had frumpy mom hair. I haven't colored it in 7 years and my husband was scared about me coloring it. When we got together, I had my hair fried from the box dye. Ever since then, I haven't colored it. My hair has always been so frizzy and dry after that. Needless to say, I had NO IDEA what I wanted. I just pointed and said, "I need this frumpy mom hair gone!" He laughed, I think he gets it a lot. Ha!
after: ALL new me!
before: cut off frumpy bangs
My hair was a wreck? Can ya tell? I had a terrible haircut at some cheap place about 3 months ago. I cried for about 2 weeks cause it was so terrible. Even my new hair dresser had to stop and say, "Whoa! What was she doing?!"

Luckily, I found the answers to my hair dressing prayers. I can't explain what he did to it, but he cut it in a way that made it look LONGER and made it work. When I walked in the front door to my house I had more confidence and my hair looked amazing.

Thank you Waterstone Salon & Ziggy!

*Next Waterstone review will be their waxing, stay tuned*

If you could say one thing you love about their salon, what would it be? 

Make sure you follow their Pinterest! They have some great tips on how to do your make-up & hair! :)


  1. I need to find a salon that offers babysitting! That is an amazing service for customers (and smart business move!).

  2. I need one of this too! Gosh it would be sooo nice to have a babysitter during a haircut! LOL